UFC Photo Fight Mayhem 2! Anderson Silva vs. Chuck Liddell

Hot off Anderson Silva’s victory over Forrest Griffin last week, The Spider is ready to take on The Iceman, Chuck Liddell. Does Silva have enough gas in the tank to take on such heavy hitting competitor? Does Liddell have what it takes to stop the Silva onslaught? After this will we ever kiss a girl again? We’ll find out as the plastic starts flying in:

UFC Photo Fight Mayhem 2: Silva vs. Liddell… you ready? Let’s Get It On!

UFC Photo Fight Mayhem! Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin

Welcome Buzz Pirates newest contributor and resident mixed martial arts expert Gregg. Armed with killer instincts, actual jiu jitsu skills, and encyclopedic knowledge of UFC, some spare time  and of course a nice set of dolls check out this photo fight. UFC Photo Fight Mayhem… Silva vs. Griffin… you ready? Let’s Get It On!