Classic Video Game Spotlight: Punch-Out!!

Welcome to a new Buzz Pirate feature… our Classic Video Game Spotlight. For the first game to be highlighted we are going with quite possibly my favorite arcade game ever, the original “Punch-Out!!”

Nintendo first made a name for itself with hits like Donkey Kong and Mario Brothers, but before Nintendo introduced its home system it released the classic video boxing arcade game, Punch-Out!! in 1984. The game was the first in a series of games including Super Punch-Out!! and the wildly successful console version, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! for the NES. But before the NES version made the protagonist the tiny jump to punch Mac, there was the famous see-through green contender in the arcade version.

The game is housed in a modified upright cabinet, and requires two 19″ monitors, one atop the other, for the game’s display. The top monitor shows stats while the bottom one displays the main action. The game has a joystick and three buttons. The joystick controls punches to the face or body, as well as weaving left or  right. There are 2 buttons left and right punches. Jabs to the face announce “left” or “right,” while punches to the stomach cause the announcer to shout the well known “body blow!” charge. A large blue button delivers a  “KO” punch, which can be used after a meter is filled up after several regular punches are connected without getting hit. When the KO power is ready your corner man tells you to either “Put him away!”, or “Knock him out!”. If you do knock your opponent out the announcer says… “Knockout! Great fighting, you’re an up and coming boxer)

Your opponents in order are:

Glass Joe (the easy to beat French guy, whose name refers to his “glass chin”)

Piston Hurricane (who looks like Sammy Davis, Jr.)

Bald Bull (maybe the most memorable opponent)

Kid Quick (a skinny guy with an overbite)

Pizza Pasta (Italian guy with the most ridiculous name)

Mr. Sandman (the Champ! – after you beat him you fight them all over again defending the title)

Newly minted Nintendo celebrities Mario and Donkey Kong make cameos in the game. And for the record, I can get to Mr. Sandman, beat him and become the champ…on 1 quarter. Yeah, all the ladies like hearing about that.