Bruno Red Band Trailer Released! Sacha Baron Cohen’s Next Movie!

Watch the trailer for BrĂ¼no here! After 2006’s Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen became a household name. His movie was rough around the edges, shocking and absolutely hilarious. A case can be made that half of the excitement was the shock value of the ridiculous situations and stunts in the Borat movie… but the first time I saw that movie, I thought it was fantastic. Word on the street is that the first cut of this movie got a NC-17 rating… anyway, I’m going to be there on the first day this movie comes out… this is definitely an event movie that you don’t want anyone ruining for you by telling you all the crazy parts. The trailer is a red band trailer – meaning its actually not suitable for all audiences. Check out the baby he has in the trailer…awesome!

“How do you defend yourself against a man with two dildos?”