10 Questions Reporters Should Have Asked Derek Jeter After His Last Game at Yankee Stadium

Last night future hall of famer Derek Jeter played baseball for the last time ever in Yankee Stadium. It was an emotional game that the finest Hollywood screenwriters could not have scripted better, with Jeter hitting a walk-off game winning hit to the opposite field in the bottom of the ninth. His career at Yankee stadium ended perfectly – doing exactly what we have loved watching him do for the last 20 years. Derek, who is renowned for his professionalism and ability to keep his emotions under control, fielded questions from reporters in a press conference after the game. He told reporters “I’d probably be losing it right now. You guys are just asking the wrong questions”. So in honor of the Yankee Captain’s retirement, we proudly present the 10 Questions that reporters SHOULD have asked Mr. Jeter.

1. They say a man is known for the company he keeps. How does it feel to have a permanent seat upon the alter of Baseball’s Cathedral among legends Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, DiMaggio, and Berra?

2. You will never again hear Bob Sheppard’s famous voice echoing “Now batting for the Yankees…number two….Derek Jeter….number two” in a regulation game. Do you have a recording of that at home and will you listen to it?

3. The New York Times estimates that you have swung the bat 342,000 times in practice or in games. While impressive, this number is minuscule compared to the number of people you’ve influenced or inspired. For 20 years, 2745 games, every game you’ve played in NY, across the country, or around the world, countless fans cherished the opportunity to watch you play. How does it feel to know that for each and every single time you have swung a baseball bat during your career, you have influenced the lives of thousands of people?

4. What will go through your mind the next time you drive under the subway down River Ave. and look up to see Yankee Stadium for the first time as fan and not a player?

5. Your exemplary career has always been held in high regard by the media (which is especially remarkable in NY) and by the Yankees organization. If George Steinbrenner was here today, what would he say after the dramatic ending of your career at Yankee Stadium?

6. Your dedication and professionalism has made you just as famous off the field as your performance on the field. How does it feel to honored as one of the greatest professional athletes in ANY sport….not just by fans, but by peers in the NFL, NHL, NBA, and organizations and celebrities around the globe…. even God?

7. Several years from now, an all-star shortstop for the New York Yankees will ritualistically bless a sign hanging in the Yankee clubhouse before every game with a quote from Derek Jeter. What will it say?
I want to thank the good lord for making me a Yankee

8. How does it make you feel to know that the next time you hold a #2 Yankee jersey will probably be when they hang it next to #6 in Monument Park?

9. What words of wisdom will you give the next Yankee Captain who, without your influence, might have never played baseball past 3rd grade?

Image via The New York Post

10. Your character has already earned you a place in Heaven. Your contribution to baseball will immortalize you for eternity among the Ghosts of Yankee Stadium. Which one do you choose? (we’ll let this one slide and go with “both”)!

On behalf of fans around the world, we thank you Derek Jeter for 20 years of dedication and inspiration. The game of baseball is better because of you.

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