Heather Locklear and Buzz Pirates Best Celebrity Mug Shots

Heather Locklear was arrested over the weekend on suspicion of driving while under the influence of prescription drugs. Police found the TV star parked on the side of a road blocking traffic. She was booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail and was let go on $5,000 bail. She still looks great, even in her mug shot. She’s like the female Dick Clark…sort of. Still there is a hint of crazy eyes going on in this picture…maybe more then a hint. Anyway, Heather has inspired our first look at celebrity mug shots. (You can click on the pictures to get a closer look).

Heather Locklear Mug Shot

Paris Hilton – Arrested 2007, in Los Angeles for driving on suspended. Hot.
Paris Hilton Mug Shot

Lindsay Lohan – Arrested 2007, in Los Angeles for drunk driving and cocaine possession. Can’t these people afford limos or taxis or servants?
Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot

Nicole Ritchie – 2007, Los Angeles, Drunk Driving
Nicole Ritchie Mug Shot

George Carlin – 1972, Wisconsin for violating obscenity laws with his “Seven words you can never say on television” routine. Charges were later dismissed by judge. He will be missed.
George Carlin Mug Shot

James Brown – 2004, domestic violence. My personal favorite mug shot ever.
James Brown Mug Shot

Rosa Parks – 1956 arrest in Montgomery bus boycotts. She was 43 at the time. Including this photo doesn’t exactly fit the mold of funny celebrity mug shots, but I think its an interesting bit of history. The photo was discovered in July 2004 in a storage room.

Frank Sinatra – 1938, Bergen County New Jersey for carrying on with a married woman.
Frank Sinatra Mug Shot

Nic Nolte – 2002, California, drunk driving. "The Mother of All Mug Shots."
Nic Nolte Mug Shot

Mel Gibson – 2006 Los Angeles drunk driving. The Anti-Semitic lowlife scumbag looks pretty handsome in his mug shot. F@&$ you Mel Gibson.
Mel Gibson Mug Shot

Deion Sanders – 1996 – Lee County Florida. In probably the weakest football player crime ever. Primetime was caught trespassing when he was fishing on private property. That smile is always dy-no-mite!
Deion Sanders Mug Shot

Andrew Firestone Is Gay…

…or at least millions of guys everywhere wish he was.

Born with a silver hub cab in his mouth, life just doesn’t get any better for the former star of ABC’s “The Bachelor”. After splitting from the show’s winner, Jennifer Schefft, in December of 2003, Andrew Firestone recently announced that he is engaged to Serbian model Ivana Bozilovic. To put this in perspective for you, our pal Andy ditched this hottie…

Jen Schefft
Jennifer Schefft, winner of the Bachelor Season Three

For this one….

Ivana Bozilovic
Ivana Bozilovic, star of…who the hell cares!

Bravo Andrew! Bravo! We offer you a reluctant congratulations on your engagement.

How he has the time is anyone’s guess, but Andrew also recently released a DVD entitled Wine Ways which offers an introduction to the culture of wine. Living in Southern California, drinking wine and banging marrying super models with his grandpappy Harvey’s fortune in the bank. Yep…life is pretty good for Andrew Firestone.

OH….here are some more pictures of Ivana Bozilovic (which I’m sure is all you’re looking for). #6 is my favorite…or maybe #10…or maybe #13….