I am friends with Darth Vadar, are you?

Good day people of Internet, this is your captain speaking. No, wait, this is not your captain speaking because Captain Buzz in on vacation probably looting some ships on the high seas.

This is Cuzzy, your substitute poster for the day, you can visit my small piece of blog real estate over at Cuzoogle when you are done here of course.

I am here today to brag about my new friend Darth Vadar. That is right, you heard me. I am friends with the baddest ass in a galaxy far, far away and you know how I know this? Because Digg says so. Yep just the other day I got an email saying Darth Vadar wanted to be me friend. How can I say no to that and not expect to drop to the floor struggling for air. So as fast as the Millennium Falcon enters lightspeed I accepted and became friends.

Pretty fricken cool eh? I wonder if he can make my posts go popular faster?

Are you friends with Darth (that is what his friends call him)? Yeah well if you are not and want to I can hook you up with D with a handy link below.

Okay so without any more bragging, here is a list of the coolest people that I am friends with on Digg. Before you comment and point out the obvious, I know they are not real (or are they?). But you know what, it still sounds cool when I tell my non-Internet friends who I was shouting with all day long. Yep I need to find a life.

Darth Vadar

Already said all I need to on this guy. I had no idea he was such a considerate shouter.

Optimus Prime

Almost as cool as Darth is me being friends with the leader of the Autobots. I have to admit growing up I was more of a Decepticon kind of guy but this works.

Mooki Blaylock

Now this one could either be one of the boys from Pearl Jam or the guy who played in the NBA. Doesn’t matter, they are both cool to me. Nice try trying to throw me off with the spelling.

Eddie Norton

Again a slight change does not trick me. Eddie? Edward. Yeah I am on to you Hulk.

George Carlin

This is hard to figure only because he is still sending shouts. RIP George.

Woogie Hauser

Neil Patrick Harris you can’t fool me. I have been telling all my friends that we exchange Diggs. Can’t believe you did not grab Digg-ie Howser as a screen name though.

Susan Bird

Okay you may not know her but I actually know a little about the WNBA. You go Sue!

Kevin Smith

I already wrote to him to tell him how much I liked Chasing Amy. If only there were more.

Spike Jonze

Always been a fan of Spike so this was cool getting to send him shouts and my ideas for a new music video.

Kevin Federline

Digg has never been so cool. I bet making stories popular helps ease the pain of knowing his kids have a freak for a mom. Keep those shouts coming K-Fed. I always Digg your stuff.


Wow, this could be the holy mother of Digg friends, pardon the pun. My Mum was so happy when I told her I had made friends with God. She told me that she knew the day would come and that she looks forward to me going to church on Sunday. Little does she know, I will probably be sending shouts instead.

Who are you friends with?

Tell us all who your favourite friends are on Digg. Can you top Darth and OP?

If you had even the smallest laugh over the last 47 seconds, I invite you to add me to your Digg list. If not, it was fun guiding you around today and I promise that Mr. Buzz Pirate will be back soon to restore some kind of order.

Thanks all.