Picture Anton Yelchin – Celebrity Profile

Have you heard of Anton Yelchin? You will soon as he is in two buzzed about Hollywood blockbusters two weeks in a row. Both roles are of well known sci-fi characters. This week, he stars as Chekov in the new Star Trek movie and next week he’ll be playing the important role of John Connor’s father Kyle Reese in Terminator Salvation. Check out the side by side pictures of Yelchin with the older version of the character (Walter Koenig and Michael Biehn). Most people who recognize this rising star will remember him for his starring role (and hot threeway) in Alpha Dog as the ill fated Zack Muzursky (based on the true story of Nicholas Markowitz). Recently he starred in the well reviewed Charlie Bartlett… we’ll see if roles in back to back Hollywood tent pole movies brings the 20 year old Russian- born actor’s profile into elite status.

Personal Life

  • Born in Leningrad, USSR (now Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)
  • Parents –  Irina Korina and Viktor Yelchin, figure skaters who were national celebrities as stars of the Leningrad Ice Ballet.  Both qualified for the 1972 Winter Olympics, but since they were Jewish, were not permitted to participate by the Soviet authorities.
  • Moved to the USA in September of 1989, receiving status as refugees from political and religious oppression.
  • Irina works as a figure skating choreographer and Viktor works as a figure skating coach (was Sasha Cohen’s first trainer).

Selected Filmography

  • New York, I Love You (2009)
  • Star Trek (2009) – Pavel Checkov
  • Terminator Salvation (2009) – Kyle Reese
  • Charlie Bartlett (2008) Charlie Bartlett
  • Middle of Nowhere (2008) Dorian
  • Alpha Dog (2007) Zack Mazursky
  • Fierce People (2007) Finn Earl
  • You and I (2007) Edvard Nikitin
  • Delivering Milo (2005)
  • House of D (2005) Tommy
  • A Time for Dancing (2002) Jackson
  • 15 Minutes (2001) Boy in Burning Building
  • Along Came A Spider (2001) Dimitri Starodubov
  • Delivering Milo (2001) Milo
  • Hearts in Atlantis (2001) Bobby Garfield