The Top Five Cereal Commercials of All Time

5. 3CPO Cereal – Star Wars – A Crunchy New Force at Breakfast

4. Fruity Pebbles – There were a bunch of Pebbles commercials where Barney dresses up and tricks Fred in some way to score the Pebbles. I think this one is the best of the bunch.

3. Crispy Critters Cereal – What makes you want to eat more then rubbery creepy looking, anamorphic versions of the cereal singing and talking like Jimmy Durante? Hungry? All the kids love Jimmy Durante. The commercial is more memorable then the cereal.

2. Life – Mikey Likes It! – The classic cute kid various versions of the commercial. It’s easily the most well known cereal commercial ever.

Its the standard… but this is Buzz Pirates not some VH1 countdown show… there’s no question, the number 1 classic cereal commercial

1. Mr. T Cereal –

Teaming up with Mr. T cereal,
It’s the team that knows how cool breakfast can be,
It’s got a crispy corn taste and touch of brown sugar.
It’s Cool!
Teaming up with Mr. T cereal,
Golden sweet, crispy T’s,
One bite…annnnd you’re gonna be,
eating with the team that’s
Teaming up with Mr. T!
It’s cool!

C’mon, even Pee Wee Herman can’t even believe Mr. T cereal!

What’s Up With These Crazy Furniture Commercials?

Cheesy cable access commercials aren’t as prevalent as they once were in the 80’s and 90’s, but furniture stores seem to continue to carry the torch. Seems like every state has some sort of furniture commercial that has a guy screaming or singing directly at the camera. Most love to focus on offering lowest prices and credit, and lots of these guys loooooove themes. Let’s examine a few of the most choice furniture commercials.

Let’s start our journey with what seems to be the king of combining themes with bad puns in Indiana with Martin Fine Furniture. He’s dressed up as a cowboy, a teacher, a pirate (walk the plank for buying furniture from a competitor) and simply wearing a lot of hats. The best one is probably the following spaceman themed one:

How about Frankie and Johnnie’s which has the best coiffed salesman do a dance (about 32 seconds in) and then an offer of free fried chicken with purchase. Spend $1000 for a free ten piece. At the end they make the guy eat a piece and say “tastes like momma’s!” – ridiculous:

Check out Love Furniture Center with Iceman King Parson:

How about Red House furniture that promotes racial harmony among black and white people:

Then there’s the best… Montgomery Flea Market – it’s just like a Mini-Mall! This guy is a legit internet superstar, and has even appeared on Ellen. Check him out (especially his eyes):

Ridiculous Old School Cigarette Commercials

Cigarette commercials have long been extinct, but in their 50’s heyday, they were ridiculous. Check out these old school cigarette commercial winners:

Did you know that more doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette?

“As cool and as clean as a breath of fresh air” – that’s how they describe “America’s most refreshing cigarette” – Kool!

How about Chesterfield’s which are “top in friendly satisfaction”

Lastly, the most infamous cigarette commercial. Fred and Barney smoke cigarettes and so should you… specifically Winstons:

Old School Commercial Mayhem – The Origins of McDonald’s Ronald McDonald

McDonald’s Ronald McDonald is the Hamburger Happy Clown, but who knew he was originally so creepy? The commercial below shows you the original Ronald McDonald. Long before the Mc DLT and the Mc Rib, they had a clown with a paper cup nose and food-tray hat. Plus, based on what he’s saying in the commercial below, I wouldn’t let this clown (or any clown for that matter) near my kids. What’s better, is that the original Ronald McDonald was portrayed by Today Show weatherman Willard Scott... he even takes credit for inventing the hamburger shilling clown. So, before they became a pseudo-racist marketing nightmare (c’mon, “I’m Lovin’ It and everything that goes with it is a touch racist) McDonald’s only had a (seemingly) kid-touching clown… enjoy.