Boy George Sentenced to 15 Months In Prison

From his Culture Club Days...Boy George was recently sentenced to fifteen months in jail for imprisoning Norwegian male escort Auden Carlsen. Apparently, in a drug-fueled fit of sex-play, Mr. Boy George (real name: George O’Dowd) handcuffed Mr. Carlsen to a wall hook. In an effort to refute the charges, the singer claimed that his computer had been tampered with, and he needed to handcuff the prostitute to evaluate his involvement in the crime. The Norwegian counters that the homosexual icon swung a chain at him as he ran naked from a photo shoot.
I think the facts of this case are pretty straight forward. An aging Boy George hires a Norwegian prostitute for some fun, photos and lots and lots of man sex, and it gets out of hand. This happens to everyone at some point or another, right?

The punishment imposed, however, defies logic. Sending Boy George to jail for handcuffing a prostitute is like sentencing a convicted kid-toucher to fifteen months in kindergarten. Unless prisons in the U.K. are the exact opposite of prisons in the U.S., Boy George just got sentenced to the greatest fifteen month period of his lifIn his male-hooker restraint erae! He gets to go to a place where both restraining devices and men are everywhere! In jail, the former Culture Club front man will have a veritable buffet of strapping young men to handcuff and whip. This is punishment?

I’ll be the first to admit that I know very little about England’s criminal justice system. Do they send people convicted of marijuana possession to Jamaica?

It seems like Boy George did pretty well for himself. I guess I’m kind of jealous. The last time I handcuffed a hooker to a wall, I didn’t get a free trip to Amsterdam’s Red Light District. All I got was gonorrhea.

Submitted by Guest Writer Brian