Bruce Springsteen Says You are Now Pronounced, in the Name of Rock’n’Roll, Husband and Wife!

Love was in the air at Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s show in Baltimore, Maryland, as Springsteen presided over a proposal at his April 21st show.

Springsteen was already poised — maracas in hand — to perform “I Wanna Marry You” off The River when he invited an beyond thrilled couple up to the stage at the Royal Farms Arena.

“I’m going to turn it over to you,” he told the couple, as the prospective groom, Marc Brickman dropped to one knee and asked his girlfriend, Christine Samuelsen. if she’d do “the honor of staying with me for the rest of our lives.” As she nodded yes, he could barely contain his excitement as he handed it back over to Springstein who joined the crowd in applause announced, “You are now pronounced in the name of rock and roll, husband and wife.” What an exciting moment for any Springstein fan – the greatest moment of your life shared with your Rock ‘n Roll hero and twenty thousand new friends. Mazel Tov! Don’t forget to send the boss and invitation. Check out the video below:

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