Bills’ Steve Jonson Blames God for his Dropped Pass… “C’mon Man!”

Professional athletes seem to be a religious bunch. They are always thanking God for their victories. I understand praying for safety in sports, or for the recovery of an injured player, but I never understood the idea that God roots for certain players over others. Either way, maybe God does root against Steve Johnson and the Bills… at least according to Steve Johnson. You see, Steve Johnson dropped an easy catch in the end zone in overtime against the Steelers. The Bills lost the game, and Steve Johnson is looking for answers as to why he sucks. Then he took to God’s favorite form of communication, Twitter, to let Him know of his pain. Weird, right?

Hopefully someone on ESPN’s Monday Night pre-game show will use their “C’Mon Man” on him. “Dropping the game winning touchdown then blaming God… C’mon Man!”

One thought on “Bills’ Steve Jonson Blames God for his Dropped Pass… “C’mon Man!”

  1. Maybe he should also blame god for being a low life that comes to a press conference in a cutoff shirt! Or blame god for that awful 1984 haircut. Or the fact that he spent several thousands of dollars on all those tatoos that just look like some one drew all over his arms with a sharpie marker. Black skin… Black ink…. no one can see them!

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