Happy Canada Day! America’s 50 Favorite Canadians!

Today is Canada Day and we love America’s hat. Canada Day is Canada’s national day, a federal holiday celebrating the July 1, 1867 enactment of the British North America Act of 1867, which united Canada as a single country of four provinces.Canada is cool and has delivered some of the finest entertainers, athletes, scientists and inventors. Because of the common thread that the United States has with its northern brethren, we sometimes forget or are surprised in the States that the people who have touched the pop culture radar from the north. This is why we’ve compiled our list of America’s 50 Favorite Canadians. For the purposes of this list we will leave out hockey players, pro wrestlers and Olympic athletes. We all know the best hockey players are Canadian – Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Gordie Howe, Martin Brodeur, Bobby Orr and Rocket Richard are probably the 6 best and all Canadian. Plus my personal favorite Canadian is outspoken hockey commentator Don Cherry – who might be the most famous Canadian in Canada – but that’s debatable.

Below is Buzz Pirate’s list of America’s 50 Favorite Canadians.

50. Scott Abbott and Chris Haney (inventors of game “Trivial Pursuit”)

49. Matthew Perry (Chandler of T.V. show “Friends”, douche)

48. Shannon Tweed (playboy playmate, softcore porn actress, Gene Simmons wife)

47. Hayden Christensen (limited ability actor; Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vadar  in the later “Star Wars” movies)

46. Michael Buble (pop/jazz singer – makes the ladies swoon)

45. Lorne Greene (star of television show “Bonanza” and original Battlestar Galactica)

44. The Guess Who (band and ironic writers of song “American Woman”)

43. Paul Haggis (Academy Award-winning director of “Crash”)

42. Margot Kidder (actress; Lois Lane of “Superman” movies)

41. k.d. lang (rock/country singer, not so hot, songwriter)

40. David Cronenberg (weird movie director; Cannes Jury Prize winner, 1996)

39. Peter Jennings (former ABC television news host)

38. James Cameron (director of movie “The Titanic”, self-proclaimed King of the World, douche)

37. Avril Lavigne (pop singer, songwriter and “Punk” – you can tell she’s punk because she sticks her tongue out and stuff) (Honorable mention – Nelly Furtado – singer and songwriter)

36. Sarah McLachlan (singer/songwriter)

35. Barenaked Ladies (rock group; writers of song “If I Had a Million Dollars)

34. Raymond Burr (actor; star of “Perry Mason” television show – which had an awesome theme song)

33. Rich Little (voice impressionist – John Carson impression)

32. Rick Moranis (comedic actor; co-star of movie “Ghost Busters”, star of Honey I Shrunk series)

31. Leonard Cohen (poet, singer, and songwriter)

30. Alan Thicke (TV actor, host, Mr. Seaver)

29. Rachel McAdams (movie actor, hottie, The Notebook Star (not that we saw that) Regina of “Mean Girls”)

28. Joni Mitchell (folk singer and songwriter)

27. Howie Mandel (comedic actor; host of “Deal or No Deal”)

26. Anne Murray (pop singer, inspiration for the “and that bitch Anne Murray too” line in South Park Movie song “Blame Canda”)

25. Paul Anka (singer and songwriter; writer of song “My Way”, father-in-law of Jason Bateman)

24. Jason Priestly (television actor on “90210”)

23. Raffi (children’s music performer, adult annoyer)

22. Paul Shaffer (band leader on David Letterman’s “Late Night” television show)

21. Norman Jewison (movie director; winner of 1999 Special Academy Award)

20. Rush (progressive rock / heavy metal group)

19. Shania Twain (hottie, country singer and songwriter)

18. Neil Young (ass-kicker, singer, musician, and songwriter)

17. John Candy (comedic actor)

16. Alanis Morissette (ass-kicker, rock singer and songwriter)

15. Keanu Reeves (movie actor, dude) Honorable mention : (Carrie-Anne Moss – actress; Trinity in “The Matrix” movies)

14. Martin Short (comedian, tv/movie actor)

13. Donald and Kiefer Sutherland (father & son acting stars)

12. Celine Dion (ballad singer; such huge hits as “Where Does My Heart Beat Now”)

11. Alex Trebek (host of television show “Jeopardy”) (Honorable mention Monty Hall – host of television show “Let’s Make a Deal)

10.  Bryan Adams (musician and songwriter; Grammy award winner; writer of international hit “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You” from The Karate Kid II)

9. James Naismith (inventor of basketball, 1892) – (honorable mention – Steve Nash NBA basketball star and two-time MVP)

8. Leslie Nielsen (comedic movie actor – Airplane… Naked Gun… and plenty of other spoof movies. Leslie Nielsen is also in talks for his biggest role possibly ever as A-Team leader Hannibal)

7. Michael J. Fox (television and movie actor, all round good guy, star of “Family Ties” and “Back to the Future”)

6. Bachman-Turner Overdrive (BTO) (rock group; writers of songs “You Ain’t Seen Nuthin’ Yet” and “Takin’ Care of Business” – I’m sure they’re plenty of haters, what with Rush and Neil Young ranking lower – but they sing Takin’ Care of Business  – you try to deny their rock ability)

5. Frederick Banting and Charles Best (discoverers of diabetes drug insulin, 1921)

4. Jim Carrey (actor; star of such movies as “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” – we hope he pulls out another truly funny role at some point)

3. SNL team Lorne Michaels (creator and producer of “Saturday Night Live”), Mike Myers (comedic actor; writer and star of “Wayne’s World” and “Austin Powers”), Phil Hartman, Dan Aykroyd (movie actor; Elwood of “The Blues Brothers”)

2. William Shatner (actor, Denny Crane on Boston Legal, Captain Kirk of “Star Trek”) – (honorable mention James Doohan – Scottie on Star Trek) – The Shat is the Shit… he could easily have been number 1 but…

1. Pamela Anderson (actress on “Baywatch” – still keeping the flame alive as noted pinup girl, playboy playmate, star of V.I.P., world’s most famous rock star groupie, animal-lover) – how could she not be first…she’s still got it. Borat had good taste.

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  1. My mother and her love of soft, generic, shitty music thank you for #26 (sadly, the Carpenters were American, so they couldn’t make the list). Can we get a 50 most hated Canadians list, perhaps on Boxing Day?

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