Funny Vomiting Girl on a Plane

Ok. I promise that we will not turn into some site that just posts disgusting videos. I promise. But, we cannot help ourselves with what has got to be one of the most equally funny and disgusting things I’ve ever seen. Check out this girl puking into a barf bag on a small plane. Turbulence has never been so gross. I hope you appreciate how perfectly horrible this is… its a perfect 10.

2 thoughts on “Funny Vomiting Girl on a Plane

  1. As usual, I present a multi-faceted response…
    1. Hilarious. One of the most disgustingly funny things ever
    2. Who’s brilliant idea was it to manufacture clear vomit bags?
    3. I love how the girl sitting next to her is completely unfazed, despite getting a thorough puke-douching on her leg.

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