The Origins of 420 and Earth Day

Pot LeafToday is 4/20. Remove the slash and you’ve got a term more important to stoners than any other combination of characters in the english language. For those of you who are pot-illiterate, “420” is a term used to describe the consumption (or should I say inhalation) of marijuana.

It is often used as a code word to mask discussions of weed from the oblivious. For example, if the term “420-Friendly” appears on an ad for a college roommate, that translates to “I am looking for a roommate who smokes pot.” If a gym teacher overhears a high school punk whisper “dude…is it 420 yet?” to his loser friend, that translates to “Hi friend…are you ready to go get high in the bathroom?”.

Louis PasteurThere are many rumors surrounding the origins of 420. Some people claim it is the police code in many cities for crimes related to marijuana. Others state that back in the late seventies, the Grateful Dead would always play at 4:30. The fans would therefore meet at 4:20 to “prepare”. In reality, the term 420 was coined by a group of teenagers at San Rafael High School in California who used to meet at the statue of Louis Pasteur everyday at 4:20 pm to get high. Somehow it spread across the country.

Ironically, 4/20 as in the date April 20th, also signifies the start of Earth Week. It just goes to show you that the only people that care about preserving Mother Earth is a bunch of pot smoking hippies. I’m sorry folks, but sitting in a circle and playing hacky sack is not going to save this planet.

Hacky Sack

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