Will Smith Awarded 2024 Oscar for “The Barack Obama Story”

GoogleFacebook Arena, Hollywood, CA – In a future ceremony broadcast live on over 5 million Apple HD Cellular iGlasses, Will Smith took home the 2024 Best Actor Oscar for his performance in “The Barack Obama Story.” Smith, present with 3rd wife Hillary Duff Pitt Smith accepted the much anticipated award.

Smith’s performance was described by many critics as “inevitable,” “agreeable” and “obvious.” Robot Roger Ebert said: “My host model predicted this 25 years ago.”

The movie covers all 12 years of President Obama’s historic presidency. From his curing of HIV and cancer, through leading the United States in World War III, to his appointing the first transgendered Supreme Court Justice, to the addition of the 51st State of Iceland ; Will Smith delivered his trademark cocksure attitude and reliable bankability as a movie star to bring home the gold.

Smith accepted the award as a memorable scene from the movie played in the background. In the scene President Obama saves the American economic crisis as he discovers the secret to a renewable energy source. The discovery of the energy source leads to every American citizen being awarded a share in American Energy Corporation, which created the nation of millionaires all American’s are now accustomed to.

The movie opened on the 14th of July, Will Smith’s trademark movie opening date of New Independence Day. “Big Willie Style owns New Independence Day” said Smith. “I always knew I’d get this role someday and it would be career defining. I mean c’mon, you knew, like, 15 years ago I’d be winning this Oscar.”

Will Smith blew away the competition, including fellow best actor nominee Gordon Joesph Levitt for his role as “Baltic Avenue” in Monopoly: The Movie.

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