The 10 Greatest Laughs of Alltime

The 10 Best Laughs are distinctive and can be debated. Some people may not like how the list skews heavily to cartoon characters… even more may disagree with the 3 Simpsons characters… who did we leave out? Leave a comment and let us know…

Dr. Evil 10. Dr. Evil – even though his laugh is basically a composite/satire, it serves as a good general jumping off point of all evil laughs… Muaww ha ha…

David Letterman Laugh 9. David Letterman – part of Letterman’s overall appeal is that you can never quite tell if you or the guest are really in on the joke or the butt of it… his laugh conveys that well.

dr. hibbert laugh 8. Dr. Hibbert – no one delivers bad news worse then Dr. Hibbert with his inappropriate laugh.

George Bush Laugh 7. George W. Bush – what impression of W is complete without the “heh heh” laugh.

Krusty Laugh 6. Krusty the Clown – the forced craziness of Krusty’s distinctive laugh makes it easy to imitate.

Beavis Laugh 5. Beavis – no character has a laugh that establishes their stupidity like Beavis (honorable mention for Butthead’s well known laugh).

Eddie Murphy Laugh 4. Eddie Murphy – Is it me, or does Eddie Murphy never do his old school laugh anymore? He’s another character with a laugh that is fun to imitate. Just like I hope he’ll do a movie where he does a lot of cursing soon instead of one where, he like, slips on ice and falls into a pile of dirty diapers, I hope to see more Eddie’s distinctive laugh soon!

Bert Ernie laugh 3. Ernie (of Bert and Ernie fame) – The less crotchety of Sesame Street’s favorite homosexual roommates, Ernie has that slightly phlegmy laugh that is so memorable. In the spirit of creating some laughs versus simply showing them, check out this Bert and Ernie Gangsta rap YouTube video that I think is hilarious.

Nelson Ha Ha 2. Nelson Muntz – Remember that guy growing up that would laugh when someone got hurt? Nelson is Muntz is that guy. Like a good bully, this little douche is always ready to laugh at you when you are have just suffered a major let down or have endured an embarrassing moment. He’s gotten his cumupence more the once on The Simpsons, but give the kid a break, he’s got a terrible family life.

Muttley Laugh 1. Muttley – He’s the Hanna-Barbera evil sidekick dog of Dick Dastardly. He’s number one because you probably knew his laugh and didn’t even know his name or where he was from.

3 thoughts on “The 10 Greatest Laughs of Alltime

  1. Nice collections, especially on Dr. Evil and Eddie Murphy, I was hoping you get one on Beavis and one on Ernie not the singing thing. Also kinda disappointed you included Nelson Muntz I was hoping you get Bart or Homer.

    But it was a nice collection.

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