Eastbound and Down: My New Favorite Show…Maybe

Last Sunday the new comedy Eastbound and Down premiered on HBO and it was hysterical. The show follows the exploits of former major league pitcher Kenny Powers played by Danny McBride (Tropic Thunder, Pineapple Express). Kenny enjoyed some success in the majors, but years of acting like an asshole left him with nothing after he loses his pitching ability. The show begins with a brief recount of his rise and fall in the majors. Now he’s stuck living with his brother’s family, struggling to adjust to normal life and possibly becoming a gym teacher.

McBride has been making a splash in movies recently since fans Will Ferrell and Adam McKay made McBride’s cult comedy The Foot Fist Way an underground comedy hit. With Ferrell and McKay’s creative hand in the mix, Eastbound and Down has a great pedigree, including Will Ferrell as a car dealer in upcoming episodes. In Eastbound and Down, McBride does an amazing job of portraying funny white trashdom – even giving a hipster cool vibe to it – if that’s even possible. He’s grandstanding, crude and so far has he’s got no good heart at the center. His insecurities are obvious, but lets hope that the writers don’t take a turn towards redemption and keep the funny coming. The show is peppered with a nice balance of people who either see through Kenny’s bullshit, are shockingly starstruck and play don’t care. Below is a clip of the first three minutes of the show, which sets a ridiculous standard for what will hopefully be HBO’s best original show in years. Buzz Pirates strongly urges you set your DVR accordingly

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5 thoughts on “Eastbound and Down: My New Favorite Show…Maybe

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  2. Yeah, I think this show is great. I’m not sure it’ll last, but I think it’s what cable tv should be all about.

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