Douche of the Day: Chris Brown Arrested for Assaulting Rhianna

Why did Chris Brown Beat Up Rhianna? Chris Brown will be asking himself that question for years if his career takes a nosedive after his arrest on Sunday. Plus, any guy who hits a girl is total scumbag – so, Chris Brown is our douche of the day.

On a night in which he was supposed to be performing at the Grammy’s, 19 year old singer Chris Brown spent the night being processed for assaulting girlfriend singer Rhianna. The incident happened in a rich Los Angeles neighborhood and the consequences are already coming down for Brown – sponsor Wrigley already dropped him.

The singer has a wholesome image that will be flushed down the toilet as news surfaces about the incident. Chris Brown has had a string of hits and his squeaky clean image was a huge asset.

Rhianna probably needed an umbrella…ella…ella as the punches rained down upon her? Too soon?

Well, in all seriousness, I hope this 20 year old hotty does a service to women who suffer assholes everywhere and dumps this guy on his ass, complete with a weepy interview that destroys his career. Any guy who hits a girl is a pussy. Therefore, Chris Brown you are a pussy, so…

smile Chris Brown you are Buzz Pirates Douche of the Day.

6 thoughts on “Douche of the Day: Chris Brown Arrested for Assaulting Rhianna

  1. Being sexist is bad, even though girls can do anything guys can do. But you cannot hit a girl. Why? I don’t know cause it’s not right shes a girl. Wow stfu, she probably dizerved it.

  2. chris brown is just a n***** who needs to grow up 4 hitting rhianna da lil pussy go and fuck all da men waiting 4 a bit a black pussy u WOMEN BEATER as 4 rhianna get well soon darls xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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