Douche of the Day : Pilot Marcus Schrenker of Heritage Wealth Management

So, what happens when you and your company are about to be sued ala Marcus Schrenker of Heritage Wealth Management? Well, you get into your plane, fly from Indiana to Florida, report that your windshield has imploded, set the plane on Autopilot and parachute to safety in an obvious attempt to fake your own death. For Marcus Schrenker this was the most sensible solution.

After the plane crash, police said the plane’s wreckage showed no signs of the emergency reported by Marcus Schrenker, 38. A man using his Schrenker’s Indiana driver’s license checked into an Alabama motel after telling police he’d been in a canoe accident, then went MIA before authorities could talk to him him.

The single-engine Piper Malibu crashed Sunday night in a swampy area of Santa Rosa County in north Florida. It had left Anderson, Ind., en route to the Florida Panhandle city of Destin. The plane crashed within 50 to 75 yards of houses, according to Scott Haines, a spokesman for the county sheriff’s department.  That part of the story is not funny at all. Regardless…

Smile Marcus Schrenker, you are Buzz Pirates Douche of the Day

2 thoughts on “Douche of the Day : Pilot Marcus Schrenker of Heritage Wealth Management

  1. I agree Douche Bad Deluxe…those gators will get that po’ cat…coz he smells like fear.

    The Swamps will eat his city ass up.

    Perhaps they should take the KING Douche Bag Madoff and drop his no good butt off in the Florida Everglades. Then lets see if all of the billions of dollars/money he has taken from hard working people will do him any good.

    Where is he instead…in a penthouse suite. With a ankle bracelet. It just proves money can buy you happiness.

    That really chaps my big white liberal butt!

    Southern smiles and world peace,
    ~The Baby Boomer Queen~

  2. it’s crazy how much Marcus Schrenker’s life reads like a movie (he even kind of looks like Gerard Butler)… it’s kind of sad that he tried to kill himself tho

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