The World Superhero Registry

Are you a Superhero that has failed to register yourself properly? Now there is a poorly designed website for you!

Check out this interview from Fox News with real-life superhero razorhawk…

The World Superhero Registry is a place where real life superheros come together… they are making a bit of a name for themselves as some of there members have been carrying out vigilante patrols in their neighborhoods. To be fair, it seems like some of these people have their heart in the right place and even make a positive impact on their community outside of crime fighting. Still, its a little weird having people parading as superheros out their. I guess no one saw the opening scene in the Dark Knight. Many of these heroes have websites. The picture to the right is of “The Eye” – I think he might be my favorite… and he’s got a great myspace page. There’s also “Geist,”Green Scorpion” (picture below) and of course “Insignis.”

According to the Superhero Registry website… A Real-Life Superhero must meet the following minimum criteria to be considered for the registry:

  • Costume: The purpose of a costume is not simply to protect the identity of the Real-Life Superhero from criminals that might seek revenge, but to make a statement both to the evil-doers that you fight against and to the world at large: you are not simply someone who happened upon crime or injustice and made an impulsive decision to intervene. You have vowed to actively fight for the betterment of humankind and to serve as an example for others. The costume of a Real-Life Superhero must be of sufficient quality to show some care went into it’s creation.
  • Heroic Deeds: The purpose behind becoming a Real-Life Superhero must be for the benefit of mankind, and the Heroic Deeds must be of sufficient degree as to exceed normal everyday behavior. If proof of Heroic Deeds is not present, a listing may still be added to the Registry, however, it may be marked as “inactive” or “unconfirmed” in the description.
  • Personal Motivation: A Real-Life Superhero cannot be a paid representative of an organization, not even a benevolent one. The motivation to become a Real-Life Superhero must come from the individual: not an advertising gimmick or a public relations campaign.

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  1. I am “AKIRA” also known as “The Dark Wraith Detective”.I have dedicated to fight crime and help people in the community.Also dedicated to saving lives and doing public service.

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