9 Reasons Daniel Craig is the Worst James Bond Ever

Quantum of Solace, the newest James Bond movie staring Daniel Craig, is set to open next Friday and I can’t say I am very excited about it. After countless hours devoted James Bond Marathons on TNT instead of studying for final exams, I have grown quite fond of 007. I have loved every movie from the original Dr. No with the grandaddy of spies, Sean Connery to Die Another Day with the slick Pierce Brosnan. However, Daniel Craig as James Bond just doesn’t do it for me. Daniel Craig is a very good actor, and the movie is probably very good. I’d probably love it if it was called “Bob Smith the Angry Spy”. Daniel Craig just does not fit the 007 mold. Here are 9 reasons why Daniel Craig is the Worst James Bond Ever.

9. James Bond is awesome. Everyone knows the martini shaking, bullet dodging, womanizing ways of 007. Even when Timothy Dalton played the title character, James Bond was still awesome. Yet Daniel Craig feels the need to “redefine the character”. He tells Playboy magazine, “I wanted to play around with the flaws in his character. It was much more interesting than having him be perfect and polished.” Hey Danny boy, why mess with perfection? If we wanted to see a different spy, we’d go watch Jason Bourne.

Superman Returns Sucks
8. To Daniel Craig’s credit, its not just his fault. Its really the writers and the directors. They decided to take James Bond in “another direction” and reinvent the character. I ask…no, I beg them…WHY?!!!! We liked James Bond the way he was. Why did you feel the need to do the same thing every Superhero movie has done in the last two years and remake a classic awesome movie with a shitty movie with lots of references to the original awesome movie (eh hem….Superman Returns [gag]).

7. James Bond should rival Chuck Norris is in his Awesomeness. Daniel Craig, on the other hand gets his heart broken by a chick. Quantum of Solace focuses on Bond’s revenge over the betrayal of the woman he loved. Does that sound like James Bond to you? Ian must be Flemming in his grave! See the difference for yourself…check out the comparison between this Quantum of Solace clip and the Die Another Day trailer (featuring one of the best 007’s ever – Pierce Brosnan).

6. Don’t listen to what they tell you kids – smoking is cool…if you’re James Bond. Daniel Craig thinks James Bond should quit. Wus.

5. Daniel Craig doesn’t look like he can handle a Martini. He looks more like a Budweiser guy. Although in the clip above, he does drink white wine.

4. Complex plans of world domination are replaced by 45 minute chase scenes. Explosions are cool and all, but where’s the story, the dialog, and the character development? The UK Guardian writes in their early review of the film “I was disappointed there was so little dialogue, flirtation and characterization in this Bond: Forster and his writers Paul Haggis, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade clearly thought this sort of sissy nonsense has to be cut out in favor of explosions.”

3. Where’s the cheesy spy music? Just because Dark Knight didn’t have the “Na na na na na Batman!” song, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hear “doo doo, dooo doo” when James Bond stumbles upon a naked chick while sneaking around the enemy’s lair.

2. He wants to quit. Daniel Craig does not want to do the next Bond movie. Yeah…you know you’re not 007 material, don’t you Daniel? Interestingly enough, Quantum of Solace director Marc Foster, also recently announced that he is passing on the next Bond film. Hopefully Quantum of Solace and the most recent Casino Royale will end up being mere hiccups in the celebrated history of awesome bond films.

1. He doesn’t even say “Bond…James Bond” !!!! WTF? The line has been cut from the film. This is an outright travesty. For this reason alone, how can they justify this as an “Ian Fleming’s 007” movie? Perhaps a more fitting title would be “James Bond…Returns?”

See for your self…check out Quantum of Solace on iTunes.
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99 thoughts on “9 Reasons Daniel Craig is the Worst James Bond Ever

  1. For those talking about how great craig is just listen to what Christopher Lee says about his step cousin’s (Fleming’s) description of Bond and from what Lee said Brosnon was the closest fit to that description.

    You say you want a real life Bond, than you don’t want a Bond. Bond is the pure Alpha male that doesn’t break. He is confident and rarely if ever loses his composure.

    Craig loses his temper. Now while this is great for an average man for a spy who has looked death in the face a hundred times it would destroy his ability to stay rational and without that he would fail his mission and die. Anger and obvious aggression serve no purpose and Craig seems angry and aggressive to be aggressive.

    He curses the bartender because he’s frustrated. He fails in missions, fails at trying to bluff the enemy, fails to avoid capture and fails at keeping his lady alive. Seems to me that he should have been fired or killed long ago if you follow this pattern and QOS is just one chase scene after another, it is so boring.

  2. You, sir, are a fucking idiot.
    Go pussy-smack your mom for letting you be born, shit-stain, before I do it for you.

  3. I completely agree with the artical.
    It use to be spy films wanted to be like Bond. Not no more, now bond trys to be Bourne, and I must say the bourne movies are far superiour to Craigs bond movies.
    Bond movies are male fantasys lived out on screen, this isnt the case for Craigs bond

  4. I am glad to see I am not the only one who is concerned about the “new direction” of bond films. Eon has created a money making streak of Bond films that fans return to see over and over again, and they expect to see…BOND. That means there are a few ingredients that you can not mess with:
    1. Gun barrel opening shot follow by an exciting pre-credit sequence.
    2. A generous amount of Bond music and bond theme song throughout the movie. Not just once. Not just a couple of seconds here and there.
    3. Opening credits with partially obscured or shadows of women moving around to the theme song.
    4. Martini – shaken not stirred.
    5. Smoking – come on, light up. We all know it is unhealthy. Quit trying to be politically correct and be Bond correct.
    6. Q – when they got rid of Q (quartermaster) and the gadgets I almost cried.
    7. Moneypenny and a couple of flirting scenes.
    8. M- Get rid of Judi D. She looks like death warmed over and she can’t command Bond’s respect. Get an older stuffy British guy.
    9. A briefing scene in M’s office.
    10. Tons of beautiful women that Bond seduces to complete his mission. If you have the entire collectors edition set (like I do) and have seen In Her Majesty’s Service then you know Bond is jaded from his wife’s death at the hand of Spectre. He uses women as toys and to gain information. He protects them, and has his limits (Bee-Bee / Lynn-Holly Johnson from For Your Eyes Only). But there needs to be several women.
    Beyond that, the creators have some license to remain ‘current’ but if you don’t have the above ingredients, then you don’t have a Bond film.

  5. I plan to address each of your reason singly.

    9. There is nothing wrong with a new James Bond approach as long as it does not drift too far away from the James Bond palette. As a matter of fact, the same old, same old tends to get BORING.

    8. The last time I checked, Daniel Craig’s movies were doing better financially than Brosnan’s as far as box office figures. Brosnan’s Bond films averaged approximately $499 million dollars whereas Craig’s averaged $627 million. The figures DON’T lie. So apparently you are wrong in saying that the films are “SHITTY”.

    7. The fact that James Bond gets his heart broken by a chick helps to define James Bond as being HUMAN, one thing Ian Fleming’s novels actually did CORRECTLY. And it is very immature that you label Craig a Wuss for this. Have you never had your heart broken by a lady…HONESTLY?

    6. Cigarettes needlessly kill many, many people each year. I lost my grandmother before I cared to lose her due to that very filthy habit. And I envy Bond filmmakers for moving away from this. It is about time that somebody stood up to say, SMOKING IS UNCOOL AND DEADLIER TO YOUR HEALTH THAN EVEN DRINKING. I respect a smarter, more healthy Bond. Now if the filmmakers do away with his drinking and womanizing, THEN I will have a problem.

    5. I can halfway agree with you on the point that Craig looks more like a Budweiser guy. He’s definitely more brutish than all the other Bonds. But that is what I love about him. I’m not crazy about the fact that he is a blonde (which is a TOTAL difference from Bond’s actual description). However, even Ian Fleming described his character as having a dangerous air about him. And you get this with Daniel Craig. But his performance makes all of this forgivable in my humble opinion.

    4. I personally had enough “world domination” and “explosions” in all the other films. I really appreciate the dialogue and storyline in these newer Bond films. They take the story in a new direction not straying off too far from the path of Fleming and Broccoli, but overall arriving at the same destination: A tremendously awesome film with plenty of thrills, action, and suspense to keep you entertained.

    3. I thought I remembered hearing the James Bond theme somewhere in the new films. Hmm. I may have to rewatch them just to be sure! I agree that they should ALWAYS use the James Bond theme in all the films at some point or another. That helps brand the movie as a legitimate Bond film and not a knock-off like “Never Say Never Again” was.

    2. I don’t know where you got this info. But it has been proven OBVIOUSLY ERRONEOUS.

    1. Again, I have to watch both of Craig’s films. I could have sworn he said it in Quantum of Solace, though I cannot remember for sure. Again, I will agree with you on this point too. “Bond…James Bond” out of the actor’s mouth(s) is another important part of the brand.

    Overall, I will concede on three of your nine points made. But I have to gracefully disagree with your other six. I’m really sorry that you hate Daniel Craig’s films and the idea of him as James Bond. Who would you recommend replace him when the time comes?

  6. Okay. I just watched Casino Royale again. And you are DEAD WRONG about the 007 theme not being used in the movie, and Craig not saying the famous line: “Bond…James Bond”. The theme started playing at the end of the movie right after he shot Mr. White, but before he introduced himself, saying the famous line. And then the credits started with the rest of the James Bond theme playing solidly and proudly as ever.

    Not to be rude or anything, but you really should get your facts straight when you try to debate whether a movie or an actor sucks. Doing so will lend much more credibility to your argument.


  7. Dear All,

    The subject is about Daniel Craig as 007!!!
    Not about the script, the story, the music, analysis of character 007, and so fort.
    The question again: is Daniel Craig the person who should play 007?
    My answer is simply no. Why?? There is a difference between qualities of playing a role in a movie AND natural charisma. Daniel Craig is a good actor, no doubt. But he lacks the natural charisma for 007! So you all honestly think Daniel Craig can compete with Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan? These 007’s have both natural charisma and acting skills. All the girls and guys I have spoken, admit Daniel Craig is a good and played well in the bond movies. But they all agreed that they wanted Pierce Brosnan or equivalent of Pierce, but no Daniel Craig. So again. It is no doubt that Daniel Craig is a good actor. But the question is, does he have the stunning presence and charm of 007? And the answer is no.

  8. Daniel Craig is the worst bond ever, the reason is, is because of the following.

    Where’s Q ?
    Where’s the gadgets ?
    Where’s the weapons that pops out of the Astin martin. This is what people want to see in bond movies, but this Daniel ” the jackass ” Craig doesn’t have any of it. Step down as 007 please and let the real James bond take over Pierce Brosnan.

  9. Daniel Craig is NOT Bond. He betrays almost every single characteristic of Bond in Ian Fleming’s books. All the previous Bonds were sophisticated, had charm, personality, – not to mention acting ability – even some charisma (especially Connery and to a slightly lesser extent Brosnan), but Craig has nothing. It’s a travesty that he was cast as Bond in the first place. Goodbye Bond franchise, unless they can find a new actor to play Bond very soon. Hell, even Jason Statham would be miles a better Bond than Craig.

  10. Timothy Dalton is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He is beautiful, He is beautiful, He is beautiful, He is beautiful, He is beautiful, He is beautiful, He is beautiful, He is beautiful, He is beautiful, He is beautiful, He is beautiful, He is beautiful, He is beautiful, He is beautiful, He is beautiful, He is beautiful………………

  11. To Phil Sanderson: You are absolutely right!!! But theres one slight problem… IT SHOULDN’T BE A JAMES BOND MOVIE!!! It should be something else like… “How to destroy a character like James Bond”, “What would happen if James Bond was transformed into a monkey”, or (and my favorite) “Search for THE REAL Bond… James Bond”.

    Note: The best actor Sean Connery, best face Pierce Brosnam. Nuff said

  12. Been watching these films for 50 years
    The films do differ from the books but they were fun and fantasy with pretty girls humor and neat places and gagets
    but now they are just politically correct action movies that you can see anywhere on cable.

  13. The article is perfect.
    Craig is NOT Bond, but he is perfect for today’s stupid justin bieber generation

  14. point comparing box office grosses. That merely represents inflation over time and the decline in the value of money. No-one ever mentions HOW MANY people saw them.

    And for my two cents Judi Dench as M was the right choice. Take her ‘You don’t like me BOnd, you don’t like my methods, you think i’m a bean counter, an accountant….’ speech. Cut glass english glassy eyed steely determinism. It was perfect. She was the perfct fit.
    It is only whe she has to talk to lumpy head Daniel Craig who looks like a dressed up neo-nazi that you realise that one of these things is not like the other…

  15. The Bond franchise ended with Brosnan in 2002, these last 3 aren’t bond films, but rather off shoots, as was said above the angry spy would be more accurate a title. However they aren’t trying to make good movies, they’re just trying to make successful films, cashing in on the Bond Name. However I think people are catching on. I worked a theater during the Release of both Casino Royale and QoS and I saw a steep loose of attendance for QoS in relation to CR.

  16. Daniel Craig is awesome. No other person could have succeeded me as bond better than he did. Just saw Skyfall and let me tell ya, it puts my last 3 bond movies to shame. My friends Sean Connery and Roger Moore agree that he rocks. We can’t wait for his next bond films!

  17. I would expand further on how stupid all of you are for talking shit about Daniel Craig, but Phil Sanderson already did a great job. And Timothy Dalton? Really…? He was Bond for one film, you already lost your respect from this article at the very beginning with #9, great work guys. Also, besides Goldeneye, every James Bond film that Pierce did was awful and cheesy.

    -Nuff Said

  18. he is not james bond period. There have been several polls and in all of them he came in asthe worst bond ever in everyones opinion. Numbers don’t lie. Of course his box office is bigger than the last bonds the population is bigger and the price of tickets is more. Tickets now cost 12 bucks vs the 6 they cost in bronsnans day. Bottom line he is an ugly thug with no charisma and is not james bond. And his supposadely hot body? I have a better body and I go to the gym once a week. What a loser.

  19. Furthermore, Craig looks more like a russian spy (physically speaking) than a classy british agent, what the hell?

  20. What I hate about the Columbia and MGM is how they put up posters of ‘Skyfall’ everywhere – even churches.

    They have no shame. Imagine if we put up posters of Jesus Christ – we would be sued by the ACLU

    They can shove their garbage down our throats, but can’t take it when we espouse our beliefs – evil people.

  21. I watched a lot of bond films including the recent skyfall. Skyfall was a piece of crap that featured an old tired bond. Daniel Craig himself has no emotion. His face is so stiff. Talk about boring… Daniel Craig is BORING. Just reading this gives me the urge to go watch Golden Eye or Die Another Day.

  22. This abomination should never have been cast. He has ruined the series and I will not watch them. connery and brosnan were the best bonds. This ugly bad actor acts like one of the villains. He is a thug who is dull and brooding all the time.

  23. Daniel Craig is not a good James Bond for the following reasons:
    1—James Bond has a sense of humor
    Craig’s Bond does not
    2—James Bond would never let a woman tell him how to dress
    Craig’s Bond does
    3—James Bond is upper class
    Craig’s Bond is not
    4—James Bond has style
    Craig’s Bond has no style.
    5—James Bond is cool.
    Craig’s Bond acts like he’s angry all the time.
    6—James Bond is deadly but he has a light touch
    Craig plays Bond like he’s doing “KIng Lear.”

    On other James Bonds?
    Timothy Dalton had no sense of humor.
    Pierce Brosnan was the pussiest Bond ever.
    George Lazenby? really?
    Roger Moore—Brosnan’s model for Bond
    Sean Connery was the only one who hit all the elements to perfection. And you believe he would kill you.

    Today’s Bond is a politically correct mess. There are other ways to update the series without losing the character. But he’s lost and who knows if we will ever get him back?
    Daniel Craig as a Bond villain? YES!

  24. Well written sir!!!

    Well, James Bond is dead, now. Nothing would bring him back as long as there are pathetic “philosophically arty” supporting manic depressives crying for this “human” character. Human my arse (sorry about that mild language). Well done Barbara Broccoli, you just have made Bond slumpy, pussy, unmanly, idiotic and feminine to a T. Whoever who agrees Craig “izz da Bondd” can go and hang himself or herself.

    Well written article, sir. I admire your view of these modern rubbish thrillers.

  25. For all the comments that hate Daniel Craig. You don’t get it everyone has a Facebook account and think they are superstars so how can you figure they will be able to judge that this guy stinks as Bond people don’t know what class or talent is anymore. Just look around the world is falling apart and bad is good and good is bad.

  26. Yeah, I cared not for James Bond Begins, or The Dark Bond, or The Dark Bond Rises.

    James Bond movies are supposed to be fun, not endlessly dour. Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan were easy to root for as the übersuperspy. When Daniel Craig’s playing the part, I find myself pulling for the villains.

  27. For those of you who think of Pierce Brosnan as the “best Bond Ever” might need to touch base with reality. I could go on for hours about how incredible unrealistic his movies were. (surfing off a glacier wave with a parachute and a piece of metal? From driving an invisible car to escaping a laser beam shot from space driving some kind of pencil shaped car that is supposedly the fastest car in the world. Oh and not to mention how he somehow stops his own heart from beating and magically starts it back up again. Using what? his Magical James Bond powers? I know Bond is an alpha male who most of the time succeeds the impossible, but that was a little farfetched. Also, it would be hard to deny that most movies now-a-days are far more entertaining due to the advances of special effects and out right skill that these actors and actresses have gained over the years, which leads to my point of the recent Daniel Craig Bond’s being much more powerful and exciting.
    All of these are examples as to why Daniel Craig and the recent Bond’s are worlds away from the past Bond’s. Let me quote Roger Moore in an interview he did with TIME Magazine. when Moore was asked if Sean Connery still his favorite Bond? He replied “I went to a screening of Skyfall and I’ve changed my opinion. I think that he [Daniel Craig] is The Bond. He’s quite brilliant. I wrote to Barbara [Broccoli] and Michael [Wilson] and said…they’ve guaranteed Bond another 50 years of life”. And when asked if he had seen the other two Daniel Craig Bond Movies he replied, “Yes, I thought Casino Royale was tremendous. I thought his action was quite extraordinary—he did more action in the first 30 seconds of the film than I did in 14 years of playing Bond. To me, he looks like a killer. He looks as though he knows what he’s doing. I look as though I might cheat at backgammon”.
    And for those of you say he’s not being true to the origins of the Bond trilogy, I completely agree that he has made significant changes to the overall demeanor of the character. Which is the reason why Craig and the latest Bonds have had such success. If he were to dye his hair black and lose thirty pounds to match the past skinny, weakling Bonds, then the same people would complain about how boring and elusive his character was. Craig inserted his own style and swagger (I hate that word) that more than most would never have to balls to do, especially with the pressure that comes with being the next Bond.
    Oh, and to the creator of this post. If you actually happened to see “Skyfall” they practically based the entire movie on getting back to the original James bond – He does in fact introduce himself as the famous ” Bond…James Bond” when he meets his lady friend in the casino/bar/island They bring back Money Penny and the original “M” seeing that in the past the character was predominantly played by males. And they even bring back the old school Aston Martin DB5 which is the most famous of all Bond cars.
    To finish my point, the screen play, directors, writers, and Daniel Craig have established a new, realistic, up-to-date and improved Bond while simultaneously reintegrating the origins and classic personas of the Bond Series. End rant

  28. LOL, What’s with these Lazenby & Craig wankers? Every website I’ve been to from amazon to this particular site seems to praise those 2 bonds & bad talks the others. Seems the less gadgets used, the closer the character supposedly was to Ian Flemming’s book character, & the more “realistic” things are the better the bond? Hello people, the franchise is about a spy completing next to impossible missions & picking up beautiful women, just how realistic can things get? I see people saying Brosnan’s movies (minus goldeneye), were cheesey & over the top. Again people, hello, it was the 90s, computers & other high tech was becoming more accessible, just what did you expect? In my opinion, Brosnan had the coolest gadgets out of all the bonds. You didn’t like the invisible car? The ice fortress? Halle Berry was in it, that’s good enough reason to like Die Another Day LOL. Sure there was some over the top moments in some of Pierce’s bonds films (what bond film doesn’t?) but I stress again, its a damn movie, we don’t need it to be as realistic as possible or relative to real life situations. Its that same thinking that ruins superhero films. I don’t wanna relate, I want to be amazed at what the character(s) can do, at least in the action genre of films.This isn’t Gone With The Wind or Serprico. Even if you didn’t care for Brosnan’s films or over the top feats, at least his movies still had the basic elements that make bond well, bond. Daniel Craig has none of that. Justifying that he did say the famous catch phrase “bond, james bond” or show the classic bond intro with the gun barrel at the END of the film is a piss poor excuse. Why not do it at the beginning? Same things just don’t need to be tampered with. Daniel Craig is the modern day Connery? LoL how? He doesn’t show any of the characteristics that Connery as well as the other bonds (even Lazenby) showed. He’s simply a good actor that was mis cast for 007. & What’s with the villains in the newer bond films? Not convincing at all plus they all have lame motives for their “evil deeds”. A bond villain hasn’t been so unconvincing since Christopher Walken & Grace Jones in View To A kill as well as Terry Savalas as Blofeld in OHMSS. The Best Bonds were Connery, Brosnan, & Moore. Dalton’s debut was classic but License to Kill didn’t feel like a bond movie at all (just like Craig’s bond films) just a generic action film from the likes of Steven seagal or Dolph Lundgren.

    “Finally, an actor gave us James Bond as a human being. And you’re bitching about Daniel Craig because there wasn’t enough theme music?” If you didn’t notice, all the other bonds didn’t perfecty do everything either. They had pitfalls & set backs in completing their mission. Look in the mirror is you want to see a human, these are movies.

  29. Worst James Bond ever. His eyes look like a down syndromes, he’s not handsome at all! Looks mildly retarded. Makes duck face all the damn time. Has absolutely 0 charisma, zilch, nadda. Very poor acting skills. Hair is the wrong colour for a Bond in my eyes. Woman find him attractive? wow, talk about having no taste these days.

  30. Moore and Brosnan are the best, the only reason Moore said Craig is the best Bond (more like biggest loser and worst with women Bond) is that he is in his 80s and mentally isnt there like before.

  31. Sean Connery is Bond. No other actor has come close to matching him. Craig needs to lighten up.

  32. Daniel Craig has the acting ability and charisma of a 2″ x 4″ piece of wood. The fact that he is installed as James Bond says everything about where our sensitivities, awareness and taste have gone. This is beyond depressing. Bring back Pierce, for God’s sake.

  33. Yes Daniel Craig shouldn’t be James Bond but the reasons are wrong.
    James Bond is NOT perfect as you claimed he is. In Goldfinger he crashes a car because his car’s reflection in a mirror was another car. He makes mistakes. That is not the point. Daniel Craig cant act worth a damn as a James Bond or anything. He is a glorified action actor who has only one face. And that face is angry. He cant do happy, sad or even emotional only angry. And for the record he is not suave at all Bond should be lady’s man not a f***ing killer.

  34. Daniel Craig is the worst Bond by a looong way. None of the previous Bond’s were perfect (except for 60’s era Sean Connery), but they were at least suitable for the role.
    Daniel Craig is horribly miscast, he literally has no Bond like features, not a single one. He’s almost the antithesis of Bond.
    I have a theory that the reason why Babz Broccoli is so dead set on Daniel Craig is because, secretly, she hates the archetype of James Bond.
    Seriously! She has massive daddy issues, and murky depths of her id she wishes to rebel against him and everything he stood for.
    So she purposely cast in the role of Bond the one person in the world who was the complete opposites of what the character her father cultivated ought to be.

  35. Craig is a horrible Bond. Anyone that has to have that explained is clearly not a Bond fan.

    Craig’s plays a character that shares zero characteristics with Bond. What more needs said?

  36. daniel craig was also in sharpe when his character was asked about the possibility of a wife
    he responds ,with this face?
    it was an actual plot point that he was an ugly nasty little man out to get sharpe

  37. I emphasize the fact the Daniel shit.. should be replaced with Pierce Brosnan!!! forever…. or another British charismatic actor! I stopped looking for their franchises years ago…. when Brosnan stopped playing..; You have messed up the franchise…for money! Good job:(!

  38. I want the Bond that’s funny, clever and heavy on the one liners. What is this brooding, depressed crap about? Give me the suave, tuxedo wearing, martini drinking, womanizing charmer that gets out of sticky situations with awesome gadgets and amazing cars. These Daniel Craig movies are high action, but they are not Bond. Definitely the worst Bond movies ever. Sad sad sad.

  39. Here’s the problem: I think Daniel Craig’s 007 was meant to appeal to younger audiences and fans of the novels by Fleming and the continuation authors that followed. Dalton’s Bond was meant to do the same as well during his time. The Bond fans who dislike Craig and Dalton are probably Connery and Moore fans. With all due respect, I can’t stand Moore’s portrayal of Bond and he is the worst in the pack. Connery was alright and I know I’m going to get the Judas Cradle for saying this; but Dalton, Brosnan and Craig are my bonds! They all showed echoes of the literary characterization given by Fleming during their time. Dalton was the original dark, edgy and steel Bond. Brosnan was an updated, darker, grittier, more modern version of Connery and Craig is the modern day Dalton. I’m 21 years old and yes, these three gentlemen appeal to me the most and that’s that! I’m a late 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s Bond fan and I’m damn proud of it!! No if, and’s or but’s about it either.

    1. Tie (Craig and Dalton)
    2. Brosnan
    3. Connery
    4. Lazenby
    5. Sorry, Grandpa Rog. You get last place.

  40. Daniel Craig looks like a thug you would see in a B-movie violent actionfest. Now Bond drinks and endorses Heineken beer? WTF? No longer a sophisticate who drinks only the finest champagne and vodka martinis, he might as well star in the expendablles series with Sylvester Stallone and the other old faded action stars. I tell you, Ian Fleming is spinning in his grave at the bastardization of his beloved creation.

  41. Totally agree.
    Craig is the Worst Bond and I am objectively
    what I mean is my age is 25 Years so i´am a part of
    Craig Generation but he’s 2-3 classes below the others.

    My personal favorite is Roger Moore.
    He is the most charismatic Bond ever and my idol
    but I accept that Connery is better rated.

    And the other Bonds are also not bad but Craig is
    so shit as Bond.

  42. Very true. Daniel Craig is the worst of them all. Even Roger Moore was better than him and that is saying something. Though I would rather see Connery/Brosnan movies.

  43. Craig looks like a transvestite, not manly and is not the least bit suave. I can’t stand his movies and makes an awful 007.

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