Mr. T in Flap Over Anti-Gay Snicker’s Ad

Mr. T is my hero, you might even say he’s my icon. I’d like to make that clear right off the bat. Still, his most recent snickers ad has brought up some controversy and is being pulled by Snickers parent company Mars. Mr. T has been in a series of ads for Snickers with the catch phrase “Get Some Nuts!” Well, Mr T. (real name Laurence Tureaud) is taking a hits like Clubber Lang instead of dishing out pain.

In all seriousness I consider myself to be a true supporter of gay rights and opponent of anti-gay messages of any type. Still, I honestly think that the commerical is just plain funny. The commerical makes fun of speedwalking, just how a previous Mr. T Snickers commerical made fun of a guy faking a soccer injury. In response to the flack, Mr. T defended himself on the O’Reilly Factor. I was hoping Mr. T would go all B.A. on O’Reilly and throw his No Spin ass through a wall for talking all this jibber jabber.

“I’ve been pitying fools for 28 years Bill and its never personal.” When he says that to O’Reilly, its classic T.

My lawyer Brian informs me that its important to remember that currently, Mr. T. pities fools of all races, ethnicities, colors, creeds and sexual orientations in a fair and egalitarian manner. No fools subject to Mr. T’s pitying have been excluded from said pitying due to any protected characteristic. Mr. T. pities fools according to the constitution and laws of the united states, including Title VII, Title IX, the equal protection clause and due process clause of the fourteenth amendment. Mr. T incorporates these laws to the states in accordance with the due process clause of the fifth amendment. Any and all fools pitied by Mr. T. that were improperly pitied are entitled to a full refund, which will be reimbursed by the pitying of fools.

Stay in school, drink milk and most importantly, be somebody or be somebody’s fool, sucka!

3 thoughts on “Mr. T in Flap Over Anti-Gay Snicker’s Ad

  1. “I have been pitying fools for 28 years Bill.” Legend, 100% a legend!
    I have Mr. T on my GPS that I got from Navtones, whenever I go out and get exercise and speed walk in a city or town I don’t know, I have Mr. T give me turn by turn directions.

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