AFI Forgotten Category: Top 10 Horror Films

The American Film Institute (AFI) recently released its list of the 10 Top 10 – the top ten American films in ten different categories. While some of the genres they chose were awesome, like Sports, Gangster, Sci-Fi, and Epic Movies. There is one category that I think they completely forgot – Horror. I mean come on…how can you have a category for Courtroom Drama and not include Horror! So I thought I would do the world a favor and put together my own list of Top 10 Horror Movies.

Without further ado, I present the Buzz Pirate’s Top 10 Horror Films

#10 – Saw

Just downright disturbing. Saw reminds us what a good horror flick is supposed to do…mess with your head and make you wonder if its normal to enjoy such a thing.

#9 – The Ring

I give The Ring credit for bringing horror movies back into the mainstream after a long hiatus. A videotape, a phone call, and a hot Naomi Watts who inherits the crown of “Horror Princess” from Jamie Lee Curtis – what more do you need?

#8 – Rosemary’s Baby

Ok, enough of the new stuff. Time to get into the best movies of all time. With Mia Farrow giving birth to Satan’s spawn, Rosemary’s Baby is probably Roman Polanski’s finest work. There is just something about an older movie like this that makes it extra spine chilling.

#7 – Jaws

Da Dum……Da Dum……just the sound of that music makes some people check their shorts. When Jaws was released in 1975, it had such an affect on people that some are still too afraid to swim in the ocean to this very day.

#6 – Poltergeist

They’re heeere. One of the best haunted house movies ever, I think Poltergeist is solely responsible for ruining the idea that clowns are a happy thing. That freaky little lady with the high voice makes it extra scary.

#5 – The Exorcist

Again, there is just something about an older movie and demonic possession that will scare the shit out of anyone. The Exorcist takes the cake when it comes to heart stopping suspense that increases in intensity minute after minute. Oh…and how can you forget the famous Linda Blair head spin!

#4 – Halloween

Forget Freddie…screw Jason…when it comes maniacal killers, Michael Meyers has my vote for the scariest psychopath. The original Halloween is, without a doubt, the very best without-a-plot pure horror flick. I still get chills when I see that freaky mask on the store shelves every October.

#3 – Psycho

This list would not be complete without something from the original horror master, Alfred Hitchcock. Psycho is the granddaddy of the entire horror movie genre. Creepy music (ehh…ehh…ehh), blood spatter, knife wielding maniacs…Psycho invented it all. Mr. Hitchcock always adds his personal touch with his famous “Good afternoon…”

#2 – Alien

What says “horror” better than aliens busting through your gut! The original Alien is not only the best horror movie about space creatures, it is perhaps the most brilliant display of cinematography ever. You actually feel like you are on the dark, isolated, and claustrophobic space ship in the middle nowhere and you are scared shitless from the opening credits.

And the winner is…

#1 – The Shining

Here’s Johnny! How can you make a story written by horror mastermind Stephen King any better? Simple..have it star Jack Nicholson as the leading maniac! Add Stanley Kubrick behind the camera, a deserted hotel in the middle of nowhere, and the scariest hedge maze ever, and you’ve got the ingredients for one hell of a horror flick. The Shining has my vote for the best Horror movie of all time.

4 thoughts on “AFI Forgotten Category: Top 10 Horror Films

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  2. I enjoyed reading your interesting yet very informative insights on Top 10 Horror Films. I am looking forward to reading more of your most recent articles and blogs. 😀 -10top

  3. I completely agree with that guy, The thing is my favorite horror film… Jaws should not be on this list… Where is Stephen King’s IT? Disagree with this list! Saw.. Really? and Jaws?

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